My struggle story and advice for job seekers

My struggle story and advice for job seekers

I understand what being jobless feels like.


There was a time around 2013 when after passing out from college and getting job from on-campus, I still remained jobless. Reason being the company that hired 27 candidates including me asked for 30K security deposit. I dropped idea of joining it.


Then I went to Bangalore with my friends to change our fortune. But guess what, only to be surprised by the non-ending queues of job seekers outside the offices.


It became everyday routine to get up, have breakfast, check from random job portals about job openings, note it down and then move out with hope - 'my joblessness would end today'. But its easier said than done. Most of the job opening turned out to be fake one while others had so many candidates lined up that they ended sending around 60% back home even without interviewing. A month passed but no result.


I still remember, the off-campus of Huwaei Technologies. It was to happen in some college of Bangalore (name I don't remember). Reputed organization call made us very excited. We went to college and gaurd informed us to stand in queue starting at the entrance of campus. We were even not able to see the college from there. But without wasting time we joined the queue at 8 AM in the moring. Time ticked 9 AM, 10 AM,...., 3 PM but still we waited to get registered for interview. Finally at 4 PM it was our turn and we got registration number. But then at 6 PM the organizer announced that all who were registered till 2 PM will get interviewed and rest of us will have to leave for day with promise of getting mail for next day interview. Without eating anything for whole day, we stood in queue in scorching heat only to hear this - 'We will invite you through mail for next sunday.' Wow. Frustration level kept increasing. 


Next day we again went to the other organizations and guard denied entry saying there is no job opening or interview scheduled today. And this happened at many occassions.

There are many such interesting stories that will remain memory for life.


I sat one day thinking about - where I was wrong?

I found out that I was running everyday unnecessarily without any plan from office to office. I decided that very day to start thoroughly revising and improving my technical skills. Search & Apply to the job opening directly on the company's portal before going to sleep instead of running after irrelevant openings. (Yes Everyday I searched around 10 new company in Bangalore). I also registered for,,,, elitmus test, BJS & MRA jobseekers facebook page, chetnasforum, etc. and kept following them for any relevant job opening.


Kept doing the same for three months. Exhausted, hopeless and jobless Bangalore kept me. We felt really disheartened seeing others posting about being hired by some xyz company. 


However, my will to see myself sitting in ODC of a reputed company motivated me. But pressure from back home, pressure of being jobless graduate pinched me. Money that I had, kept drying, as time passed. I thought of supporting myself with some part time job.


I joined as a trainer in a coaching institute in Marathalli. Greatfully, institute gave me opportunity to be trainer after interviewing me and conducting few demo sessions. Believe me, the first student whom I trained was a B.Tech fresher in mechanical engineering. But institute introduced me to him as 2 years experienced candidate working in Capgemini. But in reality, Fresher was training a fresher. But in terms of knowledge I had great command on java programming. So he didn't had any complaints (I agree this may appear wrong but to survive we do lots of thing. Atleast I can be happy that I didn't do anything resulting in loss to that person). But institute gave me only 40% of INR 5000 that they took as training charge. As it was first time, so I also accepted it. With next candidate I demanded 65% and they agreed giving me 60%. One day I shown them an online exam portal that I had created as project and they were impressed. Later they approached me giving permanent role as trainer and create apps like online exam for institute. They told there would be permanent fees of Rs. 8000 and rest would be as 65% commision from students training. Though it was first success for me in Bangalore but I gently rejected. Because this job required me to stay with them for whole day - Monday to Saturday. This would prevent me from going to any interviews. Though it was a tough decision to take. But I continued as a part time trainer with them.


Part time trainer job supported me but then my real purpose and aim was looking far from being accomplished. But in these 4 months I had prepared myself so well that even single opportunity would have helped me. My thinking ability and communication skill improved because of trainers job.


After many months, finally I got call from IBM, Cognizant and Minewhat on same day. IBM was in Kolkata so had to leave it. I went for Cognizant as its interview process was scheduled at place nearer to where I resided. For Minewhat I had to travel around 15 Km.


I cleared technical interview and then went for HR round. Later was told that result would get declared in two weeks but got their mail in 3 days. Now I had a job. But kept appearing for more interviews and bagged 6 more jobs. Joined one with good package and providing me my prefered location.


So finally all struggle appeared to be a wonderful journey.

Remeber its life. You will seldom get everything as you wish. If you are required to toil keep trying but don't loose hope. Note that opportunities will come and go in a flash, and if you are not prepared to grab it. There is no point in crying later. 


If you have passed so many subjects in schools and colleges, you will definitely pass the 'subject of Life' as well.


Just have patience and never loose hope. Be focussed. And don't take any wrong steps in haste.


Success will definitely come in some form.


Cheers and best of luck.


This is my story. You can share yours as well by login in to our website to motivate and inspire other fellow jobseekers.

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