What is namespace in C++?

What is namespace in C++?

In this chapter of C++ interview questions, we will learn about:

  • what is namespace in c++?
  • syntax of namespace in c++
  • application of namespace in C++

Namespace in C++ meaning

Namespace was introduced by ANSI C++ standard committee. A namespace is used to define the scope of identifiers on the program. It also organizes code in groups, so that no name collision takes place.

In C++, the global namespace is the main. It has some features like:

  • Multiple blocks with the same namespace are allowed.
  • A namespace can be present in a nested way.
  • Namespace doesn't need any semicolon after the bracket closes, also it doesn't require an access specifier.

Syntax of namespace in C++

namespace namespace_name


/* Coding Area */


Application of namespace in C++:

using namespace std;

The using namespace is there to that the member defined in std namespace will be used frequently.

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