Program to implement Heap sort in Python

Program to implement Heap sort in Python

In the python programming article, we are going to learn

  • program to implement heap sort in python

Program to implement Heap sort in Python

The program is as follows:


# Owner : TutorialsInhand Author : Devjeet Roy

def do_heapify(arr, n, i): 
    largest = i 
    l = 2 * i + 1     
    r = 2 * i + 2     
    if l < n and arr[i] < arr[l]: 
        largest = l 
    if r < n and arr[largest] < arr[r]: 
        largest = r  
    if largest != i: 
        arr[i],arr[largest] = arr[largest],arr[i]
        do_heapify(arr, n, largest) 

def heap_sort(arr,l,h):
    n = len(arr)  
    for i in range(n // 2 - 1, -1, -1): 
        do_heapify(arr, n, i)  
    for i in range(n-1, 0, -1): 
        arr[i], arr[0] = arr[0], arr[i] 
        do_heapify(arr, i, 0)
    return arr

if __name__ == "__main__":
    marks = [22,66,43,58,98,42,77,56,66]
    result = heap_sort(marks,0,len(marks)-1)

    print("The sorted marks: ", result)

The output is as follows:


PS C:\Users\DEVJEET\Desktop\tutorialsInHand> python
The sorted marks:  [22, 42, 43, 56, 58, 66, 66, 77, 98]

Few important tips about the program

1. Heapsort is a comparison based sorting technique based on a Binary Heap data structure. 

2. The time complexity is O(nlogn)


heap sort in python


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