Pros and Cons of SharePoint Online vs SharePoint On premise

Pros and Cons of SharePoint Online vs SharePoint On premise

If want to know the pros and cons of SharePoint online and SharePoint on premise then you have reached the right place. If you are already running an on premise version of SharePoint, then you might consider to migrate to Office 365 because of the features that office 365 provides.


We will learn sharepoint online vs on premise along with their pros and cons.

At the same time, not all problems can be solved by SharePoint online. Pros and cons of SharePoint online is given below.


Pros and Cons of SharePoint Online 

Pros Cons
As SharePoint online is cloud based so it can be accessed from any where

it needs a reliable internet connection at the same time. if your employees do not have 

reliable internet connection then they might not be able to reach to software or data they need to do their work

No need to perform backup maintenance or product updates etc

at the same time it is not in your control. although you can customize the frontend a little bit but 

you can not control anything regarding the backend.

if you are in cloud then you will get the prodcut updates first. that

means that your application will always be up to date.

at the same time , the update may cause some problem with your customized and it might

not work. you will not get any time to test.

SharePoint Online is reliable with 99.9% uptime

you should  not underestimate the security and compliance consideration for example

there can be a compliance guideline that data should reside in perticular location.

but in office 365 data can travel from one data center to other because of maintenance etc.


Pros and Cons of SharePoint on premise

Pros Cons
Here up time can be 99.99% or higher.

Because SharePoint has been hosted  in Corporate network,

you need to have hardware and team of people to manage the setup 

you can decide and plan when you want to push any update or patch and

you can test it in a test environment first.

Need some time and resource to do this
Since SharePoint will be in corporate network so will be a little bit faster  

Also because of the Hybrid features of SharePOint 2016. you can take advantage of 





SharePoint Online

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