Translate hello in hindi

Translate hello in hindi

In this article, we are going to talk about how to:

  • translate hello in hindi

Hello in Hindi can be written as हेलो [read as hello in Hindi]


We generally say hello to greet someone while initiating the conversation. Most commonly it is used to begin with telephonic conversation, right. Similarly, if we want to initiate converation in hindi we can say नमस्ते or नमस्कार and then we can continue ahead. Both नमस्ते or नमस्कार will serve the purpose of greeting on similar line with word hello.


Apart from नमस्ते or नमस्कार we can also use few more words as part of translation of hello in Hindi. Those are listed below.


Translate hello in hindi

We translate hello [ हेलो ] in hindi as:

  • नमस्ते [read as Namaste]
  • नमस्कार [read as Namskar]
  • नमन [read as Naman]
  • अभिवंदना [read as Abhivandana]
  • चरणवंदना [read as Charanvandana]
  • अभिवादन [read as Abhivaadan]

Given above are popular hindi translation of the word Hello. So next time when you have to greet someone with Hello in hindi, please use any one of the above.


Similarly few urdu words can also be used with Hindi like:

  • सलाम [read as Salaam]
  • आदाब [read as Aadaab]

This gives you with enough of the alternative words that can be used in place of hello.


Basically, all of the above words can serve as purpose to translate hello in hindi.

Diagrammatic Illustration of Helloनमस्ते

translate hello in hindi

translate hello in hindi

This is all about translate hello in hindi.

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