Translate সুন্দরবন in hindi

Translate সুন্দরবন in hindi

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  • translate সুন্দরবন in hindi
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সুন্দরবন is a very famous place (forest) in West Bengal, India and parts also located in Bangladesh. It is also a tourist hub due to natural beauty and adventorous wild life experience.


সুন্দরবন is famous for Bengal Tiger


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translate সুন্দরবন in hindi

সুন্দরবন = সুন্দর + বন  [read as Sundorbon]

As you can see it is combination of two words which can be written in hindi as below

सुंदरवन = सुंदर + वन [read as Sundarban]

It means "beautiful forest". Because সুন্দর \ सुंदर = beautiful and বন \ वन = forest.


There isn't much difference when we translate it from bengali to hindi. Both have almost same pronunciation only the difference being mother tounge effect in it.


সুন্দরবন or सुंदरवन is a forest (mangroves) located on the delta region of the river Ganges [Ganga], Brahmaputra and Meghna confluence point [Sangam or संगम]. It is a beautiful place with diverse ecosystem.

Sundarban has lot of Sundari trees.

Mangroves of Sundarban


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