Ways to detect a fake job offer

Ways to detect a fake job offer

As a fresh graduate when I uploaded my resume on various job portals in search of a job I received calls from various job consultancy firms.


At the same time I started receiving offer letters that were fake. As a jobseeker when I received job offer letter I got super excited for first few times. But soon I learnt that those job offers were fake and sent by frauds.

Even some colleges in order to increase their placement record, call fake or third grade companies to conduct interviews and recruit people.


Fresh graduate or even experienced professionals may not have enough knowledge about all the companies that are operational throughout the world. So it becomes necessary to filter out the genuine companies from the mixed pool of genuine and fraud companies.


Few tips that may help you detect fake job offer

  • Lack of detailed info about job→ If your job offer fails to give you most of these informations like you job role, company name, company work profile, package (CTC) then you may be at risk of being on fraud's radar.
  • Demand of money for job offer→ At present I have about 5 years of work experience and I can assure you that no legal company demands money to offer you a job. 
  • Offer letters in spam folder→ If you recieve offer letter in your spam folder of the e-mail then there is maximum chances that this offer letter is fake. Please confirm it twice before proceeding.
  • Suspicious email address→ If job offer is sent from unofficial email address like, then it may not be a genuine offer letter. Be 99% sure of it. 
  • Mis-spelled offer letter→ A genuine offer letter would be perfectly written. It should have spelling or grammatical mistakes.
  • Asking to disclose sensitive information→ If your job provider asks you to disclose sensitive informations then it may be a fake offer. Because companies never asks for such information for offering a job. Some of the sensitive information like DOB, bank account info may be required but once you selected and confirmed a position in the company.
  • Asking for immediate action→ In case you are asked to take immediate actions such as transferring money to someone's account or share certain details otherwise the job offer made to you might lapse or be given to others then it is suspicious one.
  • Search for company or consultancy review→ Google the companies name or consultancies name that has sent you the offer letter. Get its review. If its positive well and good. But also see how many positive reviews are there. If its just handful of people then there might be chances that those are paid reviews to trap innocent job seekers. And if most of the reviews are negative then I think you are yourself intelligent enough to decide you next action - "Just run away to save yourself"

I have shared maximum of the pointers that could be helpful to you in detecting and saving yourself from the fake job offer.


Get a genuine job offer soon.

Thanks for reading.


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