What is debugging

What is debugging

Debugging is the process in which the coder detects the error in the program and then corrects that error using debugging techniques.

When error occurs once the program is compiled or run then it is necessary to find the location of the error in the program. Once you gets to know the location of the error then try to figure out why the error occurred. This will help you to correct the error.


Debugging technique is the process of finding the location of execution errors and logical errors within a program.

Debugging techniques

  1. Error Isolation→ This is the process of finding out the location of the error.
  2. Tracing→ This is the process of tracing the value of the variables as it passes internally through different methods. Moreover coders can also monitor the progress of the computationas the program gets executed.
  3. Watch Values→ It is an expression that gets displayed continuously as program executes.
  4. Break Point→ It is the temporary stopping point within a program.
  5. Stepping→ It is the execution of one instruction at a time by pressing F7 or F8 to execute each instruction.


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