What is destructor in C++ with example?

What is destructor in C++ with example?

In this C++ interview questions, we will learn about:

  • what is destructor in c++?
  • properties of destructor in c++
  • example of destructor in c++

What is Destructor in C++?

Destructor in c++ is a member function that works opposite to constructor (it deletes the objects of classes).


Syntax of destructor

~name_of_constructor()  //tilde sign(~)

Properties of Destructor in C++

  • Like a constructor, it is invoked automatically.
  • It must have the same name as the class name.
  • The destructor doesn't declare as static and has no argument.
  • It has no return type, as well as destructor address, can't be accessed.


There is only one destructor in a class with class name preceded by ~

Example of Destructor in C++

A simple example of destructor in c++ is given below:

#include <iostream>  
using namespace std;  

class TIH  
            cout<<"Constructor is here"<<endl;    
        ~TIH()    // defination of destructor
            cout<<"Destructor is present"<<endl;    

int main()   
    TIH t1; //creating an object of TIH 
    TIH t2; 
    return 0;  


Constructor is here

Constructor is here

Destructor is present

Destructor is present

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