What is marker interface in java?

What is marker interface in java?

Marker Interface in java does not contains any method or field or constant declared within it. Thus we can say, a marker interface is an empty interface.

Example of marker interface

  • Serializable, 
  • Cloneable, 
  • RandomAccess interface, and 
  • Remote interface

The question that immediately pops-up in our mind is:

  • Why would one declare an empty interface? 
  • What good is it of?

In general a common belief is that a marker interface is generally used to send some kind of signal to the JVM and instructs JVM to  treat the class implementing it in a special way.

Like, when a class implements Cloneable marker interface, it signals the compiler that the class allows creation of clones of its objects.

Generally, a marker interface is used with the instanceof operator to check if a reference type variable refers to an object whose class implements the marker interface.

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