What is spring framework?

What is spring framework?

Spring is a popular framework based on java technology. 


Spring is an open source framework created by Rod Johnson 

Spring was created with goal of making development of java EE applications easier.


Spring makes use of:

  • dependency injection, and
  • aspect-oriented programming concepts.


Use of spring framework in java development offers following advantages:

  • simplicity of code
  • easy testing of codes
  • loose coupling

Spring fosters better programming approach by encouraging pojo based programming model.


Important points on spring framework at a glance:

  • Spring is an open source framework.
  • Spring was developed as an alternative to heavy weight enterprise application like EJB.
  • Spring oofers lighter and leaner programming approach as compared to EJB.
  • Spring makes use of pojo model to create lightweight and minimally invasive development.
  • Spring can be used in development of java EE applications, mobile development, NoSQL databases, social API integrations, cloud computing and big data.
  • Spring framework is used to simplify java development.
  • Spring uses Dependency Injection and interface orientation to develop loosely coupled code.
  • Spring framework eliminates boiler-plate code with use of templates and aspects.

Once you have gone through all of the above discussion I am sure you can answer the above question easily.


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