What is successful life?

What is successful life?

Every person craves for success.

In studies a student wants to be among top 3 students. In office an employee wants to be the employee of the year. In business businessman wants to be rated high. Everywhere people are competing for success.

But can only these acheivements be regarded as real success?

For me its a big no. For others it might be a big yes.

As here I am putting my point of view thus will stick to my answer and will give explanation for the same.
You can put your points in comment box.

Being average in your work, relationships, social activities can be real success for me. Contentment of my soul, peace of mind and having pride in whatever I am doing and having no regret in whatever I do is real success for me. 

When a person is able to taste all the flavors that life has to offer then his inner soul is overwhelmed. This person feels much better than his collegue who just received Employee of the year award and a big pay check and is now looking at his paycheck of few thousands and regretting all that he missed in last year to acheive this. The fun he missed due to not being able to attend is brother's marriage. Missed birthday parties of his dear friend. Working overnites all alone when other collegues went home on time. And many more.

Its a question for you to answer,

Is the person with employee of the year award successful?
Is the person who had let himself taste almost all the flavors of life is more successful?

Depending on your perspective you may choose a successful person.

But for me real success means contentment of one's soul. Inner peace and peace of mind in whatever you do or acheive. There should not be any place for regret.

If the person with Employee of the year award has no regret in life and he wanted this acheivement for the current year then he is successful. Or if he acheived all this while enjoying his life then also he is successful.

Only earning huge salary can make us reach but earning a bit less salary, more happiness, respect from your near and dear one can make us really successful.

Don' t try to be an ATM machine so that people only come to you when in need of money. Be a bank so that people come to you to take money, deposit money, take insurance or other advice.

Wish my reader acheive real success in life.

Thanks for reading.

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