What is unix operating system?

What is unix operating system?

In this article, we are going to learn about:

  • what is unix operating system?
  • what is unix shell?

What is unix?

Unix is a computer operating system that can support multiuser and multitasking.


UNIX is designed as a command-line based system rather than being graphically-based system as in Windows. UNIX instructs UNIX system using command program of what action to take.


In UNIX, the goal of the multiuser system is to provide feel to users that each one of them have been given their own personal UNIX system, although they are actually working within a large system. This task is accomplished by giving seperate account to each user and default directory to save his/her working files. 


Each user account is validated during login with authentic password so that security can be maintained. Once user are done with their task on the system, they must log-off to prevent others from breaching their security. We will learn how login & log-off commands are used in UNIX system a little later.


Why is unix is called multiuser and multitasking operating system?

Lets understand multiuser and multitasking one by one:

  • multiuser operating system: UNIX is called multiuser system because it allows multiple users to work simultaneously on UNIX computer system. 
  • multitasking operating system: UNIX is called multitasking because out of multiple users logged in UNIX computer, any user can run multiple programs at the same time.

UNIX is also called multichoice system because it provides three different primary command line based user interface:

  1. Bourne Shell
  2. C Shell
  3. Korn Shell

What is unix shell?

In UNIX, the command-line user interface is called shell.


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