Why is it important to learn computer?

Why is it important to learn computer?

Learning is in itself a fun!

God's mysterious world is full of hidden treasure of knowledge and information. And if we get to explore even 0.000001 % of it then we can be considered a genius. 

Computer is one of the amazing gift to human-being which is no less than a super power today.
Think of a field and you will find computer is being already used there. Human's curiosity and advance technology both are changing the way this world thinks.
If computer is bringing such a positive change in the world then what's wrong in being part of it. 


If you are not yet convinced then let’s get in depth about advantages of computers and its use in various ways.

How students will benefits from learning computer?

If you are a student with appetite to learning about your subject, project, or gather information on unexplored topics then you can befriend the computers. 
Reason being thinking of subject or topic and type it on your computer (of course connected to internet) and within fraction of second you can have millions of websites offering you some knowledge on your search topic.
In case you are not yet convinced and satisfied with them then you can find video tutorials too. Here you will be explained just as your teacher explains you about the topic.

In future a student can be a Doctor, Engineer, Designer, Film producer, or anything. If he/she knows computer then he/she can apply his knowledge to acheive greater results.


How Business will benefits from computer?

Business all around the world has benefitted to a great extent from the computers. Today computer provides facility of online shopping which helps business get global customers. Thus increase in business.



How every individual benefits from computer?

Today you can shop online with hundred of choices available for the product you want to buy. You can do online price comparision of the product, get review about the product you are planning to purchase. You can pay elctricity bills, mobile bills, bank online which saves you a lot of time and energy. This is all possible with help of computer.


How educational institutes benefits from computer?

Modern schools and colleges has gone digital. 

The lectures can be created in the form of video, audio or presentation slides to provide better understanding and clarity about particular topics. This kind of sessions also arouse interest among students. 

Students can use internet to gather information about the topics they are learning to develop deeper understanding.


How movies and television benefits from the computer?

Many animated movies are produced now a days. They are made with the help of special computer skills. 

All the cartoons are created with help of computers. 


So we can see that computer is inevitable and you will have to use it wherever you go.

So stop thinking and start learning now. Hope you are clear about why is it important to learn computer?


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