Computer Basics

What is Computer?

The word Computer is derived from word 'compute'.


Initially computer was designed to perform computation (or calculation) like arithmetic operation at very high speed.


With advancements and inventions in the field of computer the variety of task that computer could handle kept on increasing. 


So what is the best possible definition of the computer?


A computer can be considered as an electronic device that can:

  • accept informations,
  • store the information,
  • process the information based on the instructions proivded by user, and
  • finally return the result to the user. 

Another possible definition could be:

"A computer is an automatic machine made up of electronic and electro-mechanical devices, which process the data."

Computer is designed applying very sophisticated and complex technologies. 


Various parameters like cost, performance, storage capacity, type of use determine the type of technology used in designing the computer.

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