Java Basics

Features of Java

Pointed below are some of the significant feature of java that makes it special as programming language,


1.     Simple: Java is simple to learn as programming language. This is because creators of this language didn’t include in it concepts like pointer (explicit), operator overloading, structure, goto, etc which were confusing in nature or were used at very rare occasions. Its syntax is mostly common to C++

2.     Object Oriented: Java is an Object oriented programming language. We will learn more about it in Object Oriented Programming section of this tutorial.

3.     Portable and Platform independent: Java is platform independent and portable programming language because of JVM and bytecode. We will learn more about why java is platform independent and portable after few topics.  


Features of java by tutorials in hand

4.     Secure: Java creators didn’t include pointer thus eliminating significant security risks. Automatic memory management provides security against memory leaks or out of memory problem. Exception handling mechanisms helps resolve any exceptional condition arising in the code. This all makes java a secure programming language.

5.     Robust: Java is robust which means strong. Java is strongly typed language that helps which helps to check compile time errors. It doesn’t support pointer thus avoiding security risks. Use of Exception handling mechanism, automatic memory management, packages makes java very strong as programming language.

6.     Multi-threaded: Java is multi-threaded programming language. It supports creation of multiple threads and execute concurrently.

7.     Distributed: Java programming language allows us to create distributed applications. Common example is use EJB and RMI to create distributed application. In distributed application we may access files by calling methods from other machine on internet. 

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