Java Basics

Java Platform Independent

A very well known fact is - "Java is platform independent programming language".


This nature makes java really a special programming language.


What does platform independent term means?

Platform independent means 'write once and run anywhere' or WORA. It implies that it doesn't matter on what operating system(lets say,Windows OS) the code was written, it could be run on the other operating system(lets say Linux) conveniently and without any issue.


The only requirement is installation of JVM (Java Virtual Machine) in the system. JVM is the interpreter of the bytecode.


NOTE:  JVM and bytecode's magic is the hand behind this platform independent concept of java.


How is this possible?

Whenever we write a program, say HelloWorld.java and compile it then a .class file is created with name HelloWorld.class.

This .class file contains bytecode instructions for JVM. Now you can run on the same system or you can happily port this bytecode on other operating system that has JVM and leave all your worries of completing your task of running the code on JVM.


Thus making java a portable in nature programming language.





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