Java String

String Introduction

In general, String is nothing but a sequence of character. For Example, Name is a String.


String “Name” is a sequence of 4 characters i.e. {N,a,m,e} .


Java perspective of String

Java treats String as an object.





String class in java.lang package is used to create String object.



String class implements:

  • Comparable interface
  • Serializable interface
  • CharSequence interface

          String implements by tutorialsinhand.com


String methods

Java provides lot of methods to operate on String. Some of the most commonly used String methods are given below,

  • concat()
  • substring()
  • split()
  • equals()
  • compare()
  • length()
  • toCharArray()
  • toLowerCase()
  • toUpperCase()

We will learn about them and some more methods in details later.


 Important points to remember about String in java

  • In java, String is a class found in java.lang package. This class helps us create String object.
  • String class in java is marked final.
  • String object is immutable in java.
  • String class provides lot of inbuilt methods to work on String object. Refer methods that are pointed in methods section 

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