Basic Terminology


URL is an abbreviation for Uniform Resource Locator.

Sometimes also referred to as URI (Uniform Resource Identifier)


URL is a protocol that helps in specifying address of any resource that resides on web (like website, blog, audio files, video files, etc.) and can be accessed via internet. It is also known as web address.

URL of a page on web that you visited can be seen in the address bar.

Every resource on the internet has a unique address. URL can be considered as a unique address identifying any resource on the web.



http://tutorialsinhand.com/tutorials/Web-Terminology/Basic-Terminology/URL.aspx is the url of the current page.


In Screenshot shown below URL of this page is highlighted in yellow background:

URL example by tutorials in hand



Similarly, you can see URL of any website on the address bar of the browser. 


Generally, URL comprises of:

  • a protocol,
  • hostname
  • port number (optional), and
  • the name of the resource (file)

Consider the URL of the current page as URL, we get

http – protocol

tutorialsinhand.com– hostname

URL.aspx – file name


Some of the URL may also contain port number as well. Port number indicates the port to which it is connected.

Port number is an optional entity and it may not appear in every URL that we see on address bar.


Several programming language allows you to create your own URL.

In HTML you can simple create URL as:href=www.tutorialsinhand> tutorials in hand

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