Basic Terminology

World Wide Web

WWW is an acronym for World Wide Web.


World Wide Web is a collection of documents or web pages which are connected to multiple document or web pages through hypertext links. These documents are accessible over internet and anyone can search for information by navigating from one document to the other document.

WWW was created by Timothy Berners Lee in 1989.

World Wide Web works on client- server architecture. Look client-server architecture section for more details.



Resources on WWW


Resources on WWW are:

  • Text documents (hypertext) with links to other documents
  • Images
  • Audio files
  • Video files

Requirements to access the information from WWW


We need following three things to access any information from World Wide Web:

  • Computer- First and foremost requirement obviously is computer without which it’s not possible to access all the information available on WWW.
  • Browser- You need Browser like Internet Explorer, Google, Opera, etc. where you can type the URL or search query of the resource you want to access.
  • Internet- Internet is required to connect your system to WWW.



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