Computer Network

Network components

In the previous chapter of this tutorial, we learnt about the basics of computer network. Here we will learn about the components that form a computer network.


There is five main components related to the computer network:



The computer system that initiates the communication is called the sender. Sender sends a request to the network through a web browser.



Message is the information that is to be communicated between the sender and receiver.



Receiver is the computer that accepts the request through program such as file server.



Media is the path that helps connect both sender and receiver. The media can be wired or wireless or combination of both. 



Protocol refers to set of rules that governs the process of communication on network channels. The same protocol needs to be followed by both the senders and receivers in order to communicate data. Sender and receiver won't be able to communicate without the protocol.


Given below is a diagrammatic representation showing all of the above components:

PC, Laptop, Mobile phones, client workstations are all client who sends the request (message) to the server via a protocol.

Generally the protocol is HTTP(S). Media that helps communicate client and server is internet connection through wired or wireless devices.


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