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Dynamic Website

Dynamic website is the one which displays content created on go by considering the information entered by the user. They do not show the same information every time you visit the page or refresh it. Dynamic websites are interactive in nature.


For example, think of a Facebook page. You do not see the same post every time you login. Every time you get fresh posts from your friend or page you follow as they update from their end. As soon as you like or comment on any post it is visible to the world on press of the enter button. At the same time Facebook, doesn’t show same profile information for every individual. 


Another suitable example is of share market websites. As the shares of various companies falls and rises within seconds and it gets reflected simultaneously on these websites to let the brokers know when to buy, sell or hold the shares.


Railway Reservation booking websites are also dynamic as the ticket availability count varies every time ticket is booked.


Now think of this page, which you are reading. No matter how many times you refresh it or visit it the information would not change until and unless the admin of the site update it himself. This is what a static site is. Learn more about static websites


Technical Details

Dynamic website are created using server side language that interact with server and database to give interactive feel to the website. Extra cost is added to hosting as purchasing server and database becomes necessity. Skilled Programmers are required to create these websites.


Dynamic website has capability of performing CRUD operation successfully. CRUD indicates operations like Create, Retrieve, Update, Delete.

Server Side language: JSP, Servlet, PHP

Database: Oracle, MySql, MongoDB


More Examples

  • Facebook, 
  • Linkedin,
  • Twitter

Advantages of dynamic website

  1. Dynamic websites are interactive in nature 
  2. Provides better user experience
  3. Dynamic website are easy to update, delete, retrieve information
  4. Dynamic website can provide real time data or information thus are really useful for reservation system, stock market kind of application.

Disadvantages of dynamic website

  1. Can be slower to load the dynamic webpage as server will process the input from the user and render the result page.
  2. Requires technically skilled programmers.
  3. Hosting dynamic website is more costly as compared to static websites.

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