Basic Logic gates

NOT Gate

NOT operator works on a single input and it performs the complement operation.

If you enter 0 as input it will perform complementation operation on it and produce output as 1 and vice-versa.

Important points on NOT operation

  • NOT operator has only one input.
  • NOT Operator performs complementation operation of boolean algebra.
  • The symbol used for OR operation is - (bar)
  • For example,  or A' implies A NOT operation

NOT operation rules 

0' = 1

1' = 0


Thus we see output will be complemented or inversed for the given input.


0 represents false

1 represents true

Block Diagram of NOT Gate


not gate by tutorialsinhand



Truth Table of NOT Gate

Truth table shown below is for two inputs.

NOT Operation
A  (A’ or A̅)
0 1
1 0

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