Boolean Algebra Basics


Boolean algebra is the algebra of logic.

Boolean algebra has long been used in designing the electronic circuitary of computers.


Boolean algebra is simple and easy to understand. It is somewhat like making logical decisions in our daily life.


Boolean algebra operates on binary values 0 and 1. 

The output processed is also in binary number.

0 can also be written as False

1 can also be written as True.

These are used as an alternate. 

So don't get confused if you see True and False as input and output. It is same as 0 and 1.


Boolean algebra provides ways to do different operations using which different logic gates of computer is designed. 

So basically based on the operation performed there are basically three types of logic gates

Basic Logic gates

  1. AND gates
  2. OR gates
  3. NOT gates

Universal Logic gates

  1. NAND gates
  2. NOR gates

Exclusive Logic gates

  1. XOR gates
  2. XNOR gates

The input for these gates and output produced is represented as Truth table.

In next chapter we study about Truth table in details.

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