Universal Logic gates


In NAND operation one AND circuit is connected to NOT circuit such that the output produced by AND circuit becomes input for NOT circuit. The output produced by NOT circuit is the result of NAND operation.

Important points on NAND operation

  • NAND operation is the result of AND circuit connected to one NOT circuit.
  • Input is passed through AND circuit and then its output is passed to NOT gate.
  • Output of the Not is finally known as NAND output.

NAND operation rules 

input       AND  →  NOT

0.0    =      0              1

0.1    =      0              1

1.0    =      0              1

1.1    =      1              0




0 represents false


1 represents true

Block Diagram of NAND Gate


NAND gate by tutorialsinhand.com



Truth Table of NAND Gate

Truth table shown below is for two inputs.

It will have 2^n rows, where n is number of inputs.

Number of rows in truth table: 2^2 = 4


                                  INPUT OUTPUT
A B (A.B)’
0 0 1
0 1 1
1 0 1
1 1 0


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