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C Comments

We have already heard about comments while discussing basic structure of C programming in this tutorial.

Here we are going to learn in detail about comments in C programming


We have two types of Comment in C:

  1. Single line comment
  2. Multi line comment

Single line comment

A single line comment can be added by using two forward slash (//).

If you give any single line comment in program then you can use   forward slash (//) up to the end of line is ignored by the compiler.



This is how you can give a single line comment in C programming

//first c program….
//program details...


Multi line comment

If you want to give, comment that space across more than one line then use multi line comment.

The multi line comment begins with /* and end with *\

Multiline comment is useful when the details about the code, the programmar, code update dates, etc needs to be given. Most commonly it is used in the beginning to provide the said details.



This is how you can give multi line comments in C programming

 Line 1
 Line 2
 Line 3

As we got acquainted with the types of comment in C so its time to use them in real code.

Given below is an example that shows use of comments:

Multi-line comment
Name:- Nikhil  Pandey
Date:- 28/06/2018
Example program
Void main()
	// display details of programmer
	printf(“\n Name:- Nikhil Pandey”);
	printf(“\n DOB:-15/10/2000”);
	printf(“\n Course:- BCA”);
	printf(“\n Address:- vapi”);


Name:- Nikhil Pandey

DOB:- 15/10/2000


Address:- vapi


Significance of Comments

  • It helps write necessary details about the code like code purpose, author of code, updates, etc. 
  • Comment can be a useful debugging tool if used carefully and intelligently.
  • You can comment out the suspected portion of the code and check if your code runs fine.  


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