C Basics

C Features

C programming language is one of the powerful language as it exhibits various power-packed features. 

Given below are some of the features of C language.


C is Simple

C is a simple programming language. It is easy to learn and basically forms the backbone to learning other programming languages.

Syntax wise it is simple to understand so is also basically the first programming language taught in schools and colleges.


C is Reliable

C is reliable as a programming language.


C is Portable

C is a machine independent programming language which can be executed on different machines by making certain updates, if required. 

Machine independent(of C) should not be confused with platform independence(of Java). Both are different.

C is Flexible

C is extensible in nature as it can adopt to new features which adds to its flexibility.


C is Interactive

C programming is interactive in nature.


C is Modular

C programming is modular in nature. It allows programs to be written in modules which can letter be re-used. C is well suited for structured programming language.


C is Efficient

C is very efficient as a programming language. C programming has a rich-set of built-in functions and operators.

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