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C Ternary operator

In C programming, ternary operator takes three argumants. A ternary operator may also be represented as ?:

Lets take this statement for example,

Expression ? statement1 : statement2

How the above expression with ternary operator evaluates?

  • First the 'Expression' is checked and it returns a result which is either true or false.
  • If result of the 'Expression' is true then statement1 is executed
  • Else statement2 is executed.


Example of ternary operator

#include <stdio.h>

void main()
   int a ;
   short b;
   double c;

    printf("    OUTPUT    \n");

   /* example of ternary operator */
   a = 10;
   b = (a == 1) ? 20: 30;
   printf( "Value of b is %d\n", b );

   b = (a == 10) ? 20: 30;
   printf( "Value of b is %d\n", b );



The output of the above code is shown in below screenshot.

C ternary operator




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