C Pointers

Pointers and Arrays

Wherever arrays are used pointers can be used over there. 

We will learn about it in this chapter of this C tutorial.

int a[] = {10,20,30,40,50};

It will be stored in the memory in the following manner:

pointers and arrays by tutorialsinhand.com



  • The notation of an array is a form of pointer notation.
  • The array name is the starting address of the array in the memory.
  • The base address is the address of the first element.
  • An error can occur if any attempt is made for changing the address of the array.


/*Simple program for showing the relation between arrays and pointers. To find the average of 5 numbers *\

void main()
     float a, sum=0;
     int i;

     int score[] = {35,46,55,56};
     int *pt;
     pt = score;

     sum = sum+*(pt+i);
     a = sum/100.00;
     printf("\n Average score = %f", a);


Average score = 1.92


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