Queue Delete

We can delete element from the queue from the front only.

Queue delete opeartion by tutorialsinhand.com


From the above diagram we see:

  • If none of the element is deleted from the queue, initially Front (F) will be at 0.
  • When we delete the first element 7, F will be incremented by 1 (F = F +1). So F =1
  • When we delete the second element 11, F will again be incremented by 1. So F =2.
  • Front will keep on incrementing by 1 untill both front and rear become equal.
  • In third image, where 8 is the only element left we see both F and R equals 
  • When F==R, then after deleting the element from the queue we must set both F and R to -1. After last element element is deleted, F=R= -1 


Given algorithm delete element from front of the queue.

  1. Repeat step 2 to 7 if Front != -1
  2. Set item = queue[Front]
  3. If Front == Rear
  4. Set Front = -1 and Rear = -1
  5. Else Front = Front + 1
  6. End if
  7. Print deleted item
  8. Print "Queue is empty"

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