ReactJS Tutorial - Basics

ReactJS - Introduction

Welcome to ReactJS Tutorial

ReactJS is a popular javascript library developed by facebook for building user interfaces. Please note that it’s a javascript library and not a framework so it does something in developing an application but not everything. Typically, we use React along with some other technologies to build a complete application. Reactjs is used in view layer of mobile and web based applications.


ReactJS HelloWorld Example

Here is the simplest hello world example in ReactJS

function Helloworld(){
return (
Hello world!

Output : Hello world!

We will learn more about this example in later section. but this is how a simplest ReactJS code looks like.



  1. The beginners who want to learn reactjs
  2. Experienced professionals who want to refresh their skills for ReactJS


This ReactJs tutorial requires to have some basic knowledge of Javascript , html and css.

If you do not have some basic understanding of these, you are recommended to read these first to get good grip on ReactJs


Lets get started with the Reactjs tutorial.

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