Software Design

Software Design Basics

Once the SRS document is completed then based on it the software design activity starts. During design phase, design document is prepared.

The design document should be implementable using a programming language during subsequent coding phase


Listed below are the outcomes of the design activity:

  • Various modules required:
  • Relationships among modules:
  • Interfaces among modules:
  • Data structure of each modules:
  • Algorithm for each module:

Design activity is carried out in two stages:

  1. Preliminary design or high level design
  2. Detailed design

The activity carried out in the above two stages may vary depending on the design methodology adopted. However for a traditional function oriented design approach, it possible to define the objectives as explained below.



Good software design

The characteristics of good software design are:

  • Understandability
  • Correctness
  • Maintainability
  • Efficiency

The understandable design is modular and layered.

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