Software Engineering Introduction

Software Engineering Basics

What is software engineering?

Software engineering is an approach to develop sophisticated software in a systematic and cost-effective way.


The approach is prepared by learning and rectification from past mistakes as well as continuous innovation. Software engineering is basically a systematic organized body of knowledge which can be applied to develop softwares. These organized knowledge are listed down as the software engineering principles.


Every company taking big software projects strictly adhere to software engineering principles to develop quality software in a stipulated time frame. 

If a project is developed without aderance to the software engineering principles, developers will have to do a lot of trial and error to get the software in correct shape. It would not be a very wise decision untill and unless you are doing research and development for innovative purpose.


Software engineering is neither the form of science nor an art. (Learn why?)

Why should you study software engineering?

Before we can start learning the principles, lets learn why we should learn software engineering.

  • To develop a large software products → Skills required to develop large software in a systematic way can only be acquired by knowing the software engineering techniques that are presently being used in the industry.
  • Handle the complexities → Software engineering also helps you to effectively deal with any complexity arising during any phase of development. For this software engineering makes extensive use of abstraction and decomposition.
  • Handle and integrate different phases → Software engineering provides an elegance approach to handle all the aspects of particular phase of software lifecycle and also let it smoothly integrate with the required phase.
  • To develop cost-effective software → Software engineering helps develop cost effective software.
  • To develop software in time → As software engineering is a systematic approach so you can easily estimate the time frame required to develop the software and can complete it the stipulated time.


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