Software Project Management

Software Project Management Basics

Software project management is an important factor driving the project from product conception till completion.

A software project, however, big or small employs project manager.


The important duty for a software project management is:

  • To write project proposal,
  • Prepare project cost estimation, schedule and staffing
  • Help and keep the group of software developers motivated
  • Building up teams morale
  • Steer project towards successful completion

An effective software project management requires proper project planning, project monitoring and project control.


Project planning

After feasibility study phase if a project is found to be feasible then the project manager begins project planning. Project manager completes this activity before development work starts.


There are various activities involved in project planning as listed below:

  1. Project estimation → When a project is finalized then several estimations need to be made. A proper cost estimation is required that would be required for project. Time estimation is needed that would propose the time in which the project would be in deliverable position. Effort estimation is needed to finalize the resource available and required for the project.
  2. Project Schedules → Schedules for manpower and several other resources has to be prepared that would be needed as the project progress.
  3. Project staffing → Staff needs to be organized and planned. Analysis has to be done to find out if the existing staff is sufficient for the project or new recruitment is required. 
  4. Project risks and management → Possible risks to the project needs to identified and its solution needs to found to let project progress smoothly.
  5. Project miscellenous management → Quality of the product, configuration management plan, etc are some miscellenous task that needs to be planned accordingly.

We will learn about detailed process involved in each of the above activities in upcoming chapters of this tutorial.


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