Software Requirement Specifications

Software Requirement Analysis

After the analyst has gathered all the neccesary informations related to the product, its time to analyze them.

Initially, there may be facts in the requirements that may be inconsistent, contradictory or unclear to the analyst. This could be traced only during proper analysis of the gathered informations.


The main reason behind the requirement analysis is to refine the requirement and make it absolute clear. There are number of things the analyst needs to analyze such as:

  • what problem the product is going to solve?
  • what are the inputs to the product?
  • what would be the possible output from the product?
  • proper procedure to be followed to solve the problem,
  • complexities involved and the external factors that might impact the product and its development.

Requirement analysis is done to identify and remove from the software products:

  • inconsistency
  • incompleteness
  • ambiguity

Presence of any of the above in the gathered requirements may lead to the development of incorrect product. This in turm would result in bad reputation of the development organization in the eyes of the clients.


Detailed study and experience is required to come up with proper requiremen which can finally be documented in form of Software Requirement Specifications or SRS document.

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