Software Requirement Specifications

SRS Document

Requirement gathering and analysis results in preparation of the document known as SRS document. It is also known as Software Requirement Specification documents.

This document contains requirement in clear and understandable form. 


SRS document is refered by the people who are going to work in next phases such as design, testing, etc.


Characteristics of good SRS document

A good written SRS document has the following characteristics:

  1. SRS document should be concise and at the same time consistent, unambigous and complete.
  2. SRS document should be organized in well structured manner. This will increase comprehensibility.
  3. SRS document should be traceable in terms of requirements. Traceability is needed to verify which design corresponds to which requirements, which code corresponds to which designs and so on. 
  4. All the requirements documented in SRS should be verifiable.
  5. SRS should contain the document of how the system would behave in undesired events.
  6. SRS should represent a Black box view. It means it should only specify what the systems should do and refrain from stating how to the tasks.

An experienced analyst would document the SRS with the above characteristics.

SRS document written by novices frequently miss some of the above characteristics. When an inexperienced professional makes the SRS document then it may contain inconsistencies, ambiguities and incomplete informations.


A SRS document clearly document followings things:

  • Non-functional requirements → All the requirements that are not the functionalities of the system is known as non-functional requirements. These may include requirements like traceability, portability, re-usability, maintainability, etc.
  • Functional requirements → It represents the functionalities required by the users or customers from the system that is built. Functional requirement forms the basis of most of the design activity, coding and testing methodology.
  • Goal of implementations → The goals of the implementation part of the SRS document offers some general suggestions regarding developments. The developers may follow them if possible.


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