Spring interview questions

Spring interview questions

Here we will present our spring aspirants with frequently asked spring interview questions.

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Look at the questions and try to answer yourself first and in case you require answer for asked spring interview questions click on the questions link.

Spring Basics Interview Questions

  1. What is spring?
  2. What advantages spring offers over EJB?
  3. What is POJO?
  4. What are the benefits of using spring in your project?
  5. Name different modules in spring framework?
  6. Which spring module have you worked on?
  7. What is IOC container in spring?
  8. Explain spring IOC container internal working?
  9. Different types of IOC container?
  10. Bean factory vs Application context

Spring DI Interview Questions

  1. What is Dependency injection in spring?
  2. What is tight coupling?
  3. What is loose coupling?
  4. Advantages of using DI?
  5. IS DI and IOC same. Explain
  6. What are different types of DI in spring?
  7. Setter injection vs constructor injection
  8. Which is preferred among Setter injection and constructor injection?

Spring Beans Interview Questions

  1. What is bean in context of spring?
  2. Different stages of bean life cycle?
  3. Life cycle methods of spring bean?
  4. Different bean scope spring supports?
  5. How bean scope is defined?

More spring interview questions and links to their answers will be updated soon.

Spring Interview Questions

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