Web terminology | List of web terminologies

Web terminology | List of web terminologies

If you are someone who has to deal with computer and internet on daily basis, then you should have good grasp on computer basics knowledge and web terminology as well as network terminology. However, I will only focus on web terminology in this article.


Complete tutorial is available here:

If you do not have any idea about these and you are an absolute beginner, I recommend you to go through the above tutorials. It’s completely free.

In case you already possess some knowledge then my article will help you access your basics on these topics. I will point out the keyword related to web terminologies and network terminologies and would request you to give a thought on it and see if you can explain it to yourself with complete satisfaction.


Here goes the important list of web terminology:

  1. WWW or World Wide Web
  2. Internet
  3. Online & Offline
  4. Internet Service Provider or ISP
  5. Website
  6. Webpage
  7. Home Page or Index page
  8. Static and Dynamic website
  9. Web Browser
  10. Web Server
  11. URL
  12. Domain name
  13. DNS
  14. IP address
  15. Firewall
  16. Cache
  17. FTP
  18. HTTP
  19. HTML
  20. Login
  21. Logout

Given above are the list of web terminology that you will encounter on daily basis.

Having a good knowledge about the above topics will be beneficial for you.


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