Difference between C and C++

Difference between C and C++

In this c++ interview question we will learn:

  • difference between c and c++

Programming languages like C and C++ has been there for decades and both C and C++ programming are used for application developement.


There arise questions in minds of beginner that which one should they pick up and learn for project.


To short out that query, we should be aware of the difference between c and c++ so that best one could be picked up for the project based on our requirement.


The following are the main difference between c and c++.


Sr. No.




C is procedure oriented language (POP).

C++ supports both procedure (POP) and object-oriented programming properties (OOP).


C is function driven language.

C++ is object driven language.


C does not provide OOPs support.

C++ provide support of OOPs.


Data is free entity for this language and can be taken from outside.

Due to the property of encapsulation (comes under OOPs) C++ has data security.


Direct exception handling is not there in C.

Exception handling is present in C++.


C language is method focused.

C++ is data focused for operations.


Built-in data types are in C language.

C++ has built-in data types also have user defined data types.

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